Sanctuary for Kids

When you buy a book directly from SRF; help kids around the world! A portion of the book sale proceeds from Christmas Nevermore will benefit Sanctuary for Kids, a non-profit organization.

About Sanctuary for Kids

The mission of Sanctuary for Kids is to improve the lives of children around the world who need protection and are in crisis – those who are exploited, dispossessed and threatened.


S4K will accomplish this mission in two fundamental ways:

  • Fundraising through online auctions and donation
  • Donating those funds to existing programs around the world where it has been determined an immediate need is evident and a tangible difference will be made by applying these funds

S4K was founded by Amanda Tapping, Damian Kindler, and Jill Bodie through their connection to the television series Sanctuary.

How it Started

Back in 2008, Amanda Tapping, Damian Kindler, Jill Bodie, and Carole Appleby set out to form a charitable organization that helped children in crisis around the world. They spent a year researching different not-for-profits and meeting with business leaders in an effort to get their project right and create an organization that established real relationships with their charities. They wanted to service them in the best way possible and really establish on an ongoing basis what their specific needs were.

The group launched Sanctuary for Kids in November of 2009 and to date have raised over $500,000. It is amazing what can happen when people work together! Beyond raising money, Sanctuary built a community - of friends first and foremost, and of people who together want to make a difference and have found that that change begins within themselves.

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