Christmas Nevermore dazzles readers as a beautifully-written tale that shares the importance of respecting one another and the world that we inhabit. It’s an exciting adventure story perfect for middle readers, YA fans and everyone who believes in magic.

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"Christmas Nevermore consists a unique and compelling story bringing together Inuit culture, environmental issues, and the magic of Christmas. I didn’t think it possible to merge these themes, but Cadieux and Bastien have woven a magical tale that transports the reader to the far North; making you feel as if you are sitting amongst the Inuit people being regaled by the telling of old legends and myths passed down generation to generation. I highly recommend this great adventure with an important message for children aged 8 years and older.

Renee,  Full Review

‘Polik and Nika are young siblings who live in an Inuit village in the Great North with their grandfather, Ikkuma, the village Shaman.  When magical stones are discovered, Ikkuma insists they must be returned to the Mother of the Sea or their village will be cursed.  But when the stones are hidden instead, their grandfather becomes gravely ill.

The brother and sister team up to find and return the stones in hopes of saving their grandfather and village. Polik and Nika discover the crisis has been caused by the disruption of their delicate ecosystem at the hands of an oil exploration team; they soon learn that global warming's impact has reached beyond their village.  Realizing something must be done to thwart the efforts of the oil drilling company they set off on a grand adventure. While on their quest, they encounter Santa Claus, who is also suffering from the affects of global warming.  Polik and Nika work together, and solicit the help of others, to preserve the earth and save Christmas for children everywhere.

Authors Marc Cadieux and Herve Bastien, have artfully blended Alaskan folk stories and the legend of Santa Claus into a magical combination while adeptly addressing the subject of global warming.  Page after page of beautiful illustrations, by Christina Zakhozhay, further enhance this story which is sure to become a cherished holiday treasure.'


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"The story sweeps you up, keeping you enthralled and entertained.  The writing style is fluid and grabs the reader. The words that hold you close are accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Christina Zakhozhay, an artist based out of Toronto. It is an appealing novel with beautiful art and a full and vibrant story.

Jessica Kennedy,  Full Review

"What a mystical adventure Christmas Nevermore takes us on! Well written, with descriptive detail, wondrous settings and serious themes, this is a story that will surely awaken the ecological-minded child in all. Two young children, facing the realities of modern big business and the harsh impact it may possibly have on the customs and traditions of an ancient civilization. For readers, old and young alike, you cannot be anything but emotionally impacted by the realism of a well-depicted rural life in the North Pole, combined with delightful fantasy sequences, in this modern day tale of love, brotherhood, global ethics and culture. "

Suzanne Frias Rony - 5th grade teacher, CA

"This is a beautiful story, richly told and wonderfully illustrated. It's a heartwarming tale with amazing young heroes and a great message. I am so proud to share this with my daughter. It inspires. A must read for kids of all ages."

Amanda Tapping - Actor, Director and Executive Producer.

“Christmas Nevermore combines Inuit wisdom, environmental advocacy and holiday fantasy in a beautifully-illustrated story of two orphaned native children and their quest to save their village -- and ultimately the globe -- from an ecological disaster. Prepare to be enchanted!”

Evelyn Iritani - Author and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.

A sweet story that would inspire any young imagination in a way that sadly adults forget over time is a magic to truly behold, and magical defines this book. Thankfully it came highly recommended and I am so glad I bought it. I can't wait for my nieces to read and explore the world of tradition meets 'so called progress'. Thought provoking for young minds and wonderful illustrations set the scenes beautifully. Just one negative - I wanted more.

Sandra Rankin, England - Fan of Christmas Nevermore.

I appreciated and enjoyed a story that did not talk to children as if they were figments of what we perceive children to be. Rather, they understand peril and loss as well as joy and friendship. This also makes me appreciate the book as an adult (well, sort of an adult;). Combined with the beautiful design and illustrations, it's an instant classic, worth every penny. My one regret was that I should have bought the physical version, had I known one existed. That's ok, because the illustrations glow from the iPad wonderfully. Congratulations again, and good luck.

Doug Juhn – Los Angeles, CA.

"This book should be a kids movie, everyone should read this book. Amazing, you can imagine every aspect of the brilliance of the descriptions laid before you in every page, and feel the emotion in every part of the book. With many fantastic story arch’s that makes you want to keep reading and finds out what’s happening next.. And it’s all wrapped up with a wonderful moral, and life lesson, that as children we should have learned from our parents early on.. This book, in my opinion is soo very important to our world today.. I will be ordering more as presents soon, and one will be going to my daughters school library & her class room this year.. Bravo and so well written to all involved.. "

Tina Marie - Fan of Christmas Nevermore.

The story has many dimensions to it and the author weaves the Inuit culture and global warming issues into the plot masterfully. The story is magical with Santa and his elves, Canada, and the Inuit background. Children learn a lot of new things by reading this book and it also makes them aware of the threats faced by Mother Earth due to global warming. An educational story that weaves the Inuit culture along with global warming issues in an excellent way and makes it an interesting read.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

‘A thrilling adventure interwoven with a powerful environmental message. A Bronze Medal winner and highly recomennded.’


The Wishing Shelf Awards , London, England.

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